What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO refers to the way your website is built, with an emphasis on the technological (code) decisions that are made in the website development phase of work. This, in conjunction with all aspects of SEO overall affects how your pages rank in search engines. While local SEO prioritizes things like map results, and organic SEO addresses the entirety of onsite and offsite tactics, technical SEO makes your website faster and easier to crawl, resulting in higher rankings in search engines. Technical SEO is an important part of your on-site SEO, which includes tasks such as meta tag creation, content writing, content optimization, internal linking, and indexability. Many components affect the search visibility of your web pages, from using proper tags to researching keywords. These things can be overwhelming, so it's critical to have an industry expert developing your Technical SEO program.

How does it affect my business?

Google is the first place many online users turn when they need a question answered. Whether they are looking for reputable providers of goods and services, or they want the latest news about their favorite sports team, Google is their starting point. Turning up at the top of those Google searches has a huge impact on a business. It's a reliable way to bring in new customers, create brand awareness, and promote marketing campaigns.

Effective Technical SEO ensures that a website has a strong foundation making it easy for search engines (and users) to find information. A website with great Technical SEO is free of duplicate content and broken links. It should have a solid internal linking structure and it definitely has to be secure.

How does it relate to SEM?

SEM combines SEO and paid advertising strategies, such as pay-per-click campaigns and social media marketing. SEO includes multiple elements, too, such as onsite and offsite, content development and backlinking, and keyword research. All types of SEM can help your business reach the right audience, finding the clients that are most likely to purchase your goods or services. But your overall SEM and SEO will only work if you have a strong Technical SEO foundation.

How can NEWMEDIA help my business?

NEWMEDIA is a global leader, ranked in the top 1% of digital agencies. We have more than 10 years of experience in providing Technical SEO services. We understand the constantly evolving algorithms used by search engines, and we will use this expertise to build a solid technological foundation for your business.

We understand that working with a new team to develop a Technical SEO program can be intimidating. We are happy to offer a package of options allowing you to become comfortable with our team and see what we can do for your business before signing on to a long-term agreement. Start a discussion with one of our Technical SEO experts now.

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