Digital Marketing Services with NEWMEDIA Overview

At NEWMEDIA, we’ve been providing premium digital marketing services including SEO, SEM, Social Media, and PPC for over 10 years. Let us ensure we are keeping your website and entire online brand up to date with the latest techniques so you don't have to.

SEO & Consulting

Through rigorous keyword research and business analysis, we can quickly assess areas of opportunity for your business. We can assist with quality content writing, meta tag creation, content optimization, social media sharing, Google Authorship, etc.

Off-site Social & Promotions

Just as we perform on-site SEO work, we are sure to spend just as much time with off-site social efforts. Work done off-site, whether SEO- or social media-related, can actually have more of an impact than on-site optimization. We can help spread a consistent message and branding across the web by way of directory profile creation, social media management and creative offsite promotional campaigns. These lead to engagement, traffic and valuable backlinks to help improve your site’s visibility in search engines.

Quick Start SEM Projects

Most companies don’t want to get started with an SEM program by diving headfirst into a large, ongoing retainer. We developed a package of options that allow you to get a taste of working with our team before signing up for a larger commitment. These include backlink analysis & removal (for brands that have recently experienced a penalty), reputation management and online reputation repair, SEO audits (to identify specific areas of opportunities), SEO and Social Media Roadmaps (strategic go forward plans), Website Launch Support (for websites that are re-launching / rebranding) and finally our popular Jumpstart Program (designed to get your website’s branding foundation set).

Let’s Create Something Great Together!

Our team is highly motivated and inventive thinkers and tinkerers — designers, developers, engineers & more.

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