On Wednesday, May 14, I will be presenting on Drupal 8 module development at Applied Trust in Boulder.

This meetup will focus on Drupal 8 module development.

We will begin by discussing some of the new things in Drupal 8, such as OOP and symphony. We will then move into breaking down the elements of a Drupal 8 module, noting the differences in how tasks are achieved in Drupal 7 versus Drupal 8, and exploring how skills in Drupal 7 can help in developing Drupal 8 modules. We will complete this discussion by sharing resources and tools that will be usefull to developers of all levels.

Then, the floor will be open to a group troubleshooting session. Bring your struggles and we will do our best to tackle them as a group.

Applied Trust will be providing food and beverages.

Be sure to RSVP!

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