Western Sugar Cooperative takes pride in having a long family history in beet sugar and wanted to create a new site to showcase that history. Western Sugar came to us to create a more modern and visually appealing design that they could easily manage and maintain.


Western Sugar chose NEWMEDIA based upon our previous work with the Almond Board of California. They wanted to make some sort of interactive animation for their sugar beet process similar to the Almond Lifecycle as well as the responsive and scrolling animation used on the site.

Issues and Responses

Western Sugar is a company who has a lot of history but wanted to achieve a more modern feel to their website, the design was more challenging because of this aspect.

The designers at NEWMEDIA had something with a lot of history and needed make it feel more modern. This can be difficult but knowing what is currently trending and understanding the characteristics that needed to stay for the client, we were able to come to a finalized look and feel that kept the history but provided a modern edginess to the site. Along with their site not being as visual appealing in the beginning they also had a static unmanageable website that didn’t lend well to mobile and tablet devices.The developers at NEWMEDIA provided Western Sugar with a website that now has responsive design to allow for optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation. We provided the best user experience possible for each device and the different viewports including desktop monitors, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Results (Benefit Gained)

Western sugar benefited by gaining a new site that is more visually appealing. Along with that, their new site is also more efficient for growers, consumers, and employees to navigate. Western Sugar is now able to easily publish and maintain information onto their new site to keep it updated and current.

Project Team

  • Steve Morris, Director of Business Development
  • Rick Manelius, Director of Operations
  • Nathan Smith, Lead WordPress Developer, PM
  • Naomi Wells, Project Coordinator
  • Luke Dennis, Animation Development
  • Bryon Urbanec, Lead Designer

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