When our team visited The Stone Collection, we were treated to a tour of their museum-like warehouse of seemingly endless high-end stones from around the world. When we launched the new Stone Collection website, we made sure that the online experience is comparable to the real-world one. Now we get to return the favor by treating you to a curated tour of their brand new website.

Its design is elegant and flexible, a style that mirrors their product line. With Drupal powering it, the new site features significant upgrades, such as being mobile responsive and improved SEO and search capabilities. Additionally, both teams tackled several technical hurdles in order to deliver a robust integration with the existing inventory management system.

Much like NEWMEDIA, the Stone Collection originally started in Denver but grew rapidly into multiple other cities across the US. They initially came to NEWMEDIA when looking for a Denver marketing agency with locations in additional markets, as they prepared to rapidly expand their operations. The company needed a digital marketing agency partner that could cater to all of its current and future locations, ensure they can maximize their search engine rankings in multiple markets, while allowing for each location to easily manage its specific website content. The Stone Collection management came to us after they worked with another agency that couldn’t provide the wholesale supplier of natural stone with the redesigned website of its dreams. The NEWMEDIA web design team was up to the challenge and exceeded the client’s expectations with the site delivered.

The Stone Collection site required overcoming some tricky challenges. Primarily, the new website needed to be integrated with a third-party ERP that manages their stone inventory. Our client’s former website, which the company used for over four years, directed prospective customers away from the site to its vendor’s site, causing a high bounce rate for our client and an overall nightmare for their marketing team because they didn’t have complete access to the sites analytics.

Our solution was to help the third-party vendor design and introduce an API that reformatted its data in a way that functioned better with The Stone Collection’s website. This provides seamless integration of the vendor’s inventory, including real-time updates on the website. Customers who visit The Stone Collection will now stay on its site to view the thousands of natural stone options in its inventory; no longer are customers kicked to the third-party service’s website. We are eager to look at the site analytics with our client in the coming weeks to see the drastic improvements that we are anticipating.

The website also needed a new look and feel. The previous site wasn’t modern in design or mobile-responsiveness, so we needed to create a mobile-friendly site with a great user experience. The new site accomplishes The Stone Collection management’s goal of engaging visitors with an elegant and user-friendly design that draws users deeper into the site. We accomplished this by creating a light and easy-to-navigate home page, immediately directing customers deeper into the site by customizing their experience to one of five city locations.

We used the Drupal CMS to build the site, which allows for these kinds of modification and site growth. It was built with growth in mind because The Stone Collection can now build and launch each additional site with minimal assistance. Should business needs changes, the site can leverage the wide variety of available modules to adapt and extend its functionality. Finally, the site’s admins and content editors are fully empowered to manage all of the content, opening the door for additional marketing opportunities as they become more active across their newsletter lists and social media channels.

Ultimately, sales will tell the story about this redesigned website’s success. We believe that an increase in sales is inevitable. The new site displays the company’s stone inventory in a cleaner, easier-to-use and bounce-resistant manner, and we’ve incorporated features such as “Save to Favorites” and “Email Material” for each sample in the sizable inventory. We believe that we’ve solved the company’s challenges in a way that will increase traffic to its site. Time will tell, and we’ll keep readers posted. In the meantime, please visit The Stone Collection.

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