Jon Schear

Jon Schear is a Colorado Native who started his development career studying graphic design. Within a decade he moved into web design and WordPress development. Jon lives with his wife Emily in Lakewood with their black labrador “Loki” and their two cats, “Grendel” (a literal demon cat) and “Pandora”.

Steve Morris

Steve wears many hats at NEWMEDIA, but his primary responsibility is developing new business relationships with the many clients and partners with whom we are so lucky to work. Prior to the commercial embracement of the internet in the mid-90s, Steve’s experience was offline in advertising, marketing and design, working with some of the largest … Continued

Jason Castor

Jason is an innovative professional with over 7+ years of Web Mastery skills, including 10 years progressive experience within the sales and customer service industry. He has accumulated skills to create both user-friendly and aesthetic websites and mobile applications.

Ryan Blyth

Ryan has been a valued member of NEWMEDIA since 2007. He is a Colorado native who earned his degree in English Writing from The University of Colorado at Denver. After several years as a technical writer, where he originally discovered his passion for the web, he transitioned into user interface, web design, and web development. … Continued

Nathan Smith

Nathan has over 11 years of experience in web development and website design. Everything from managing a high-energy web shop, to delivering an end-to-end client experience that goes beyond design and development. Nathan joined NEWMEDIA in 2014 to take his services and team to the next level, and to leverage his programming, marketing, and business … Continued

Brandon Smith

Brandon hails from the great state of Kansas where, after 15 years excelling in management positions in the restaurant industry, Brandon decided he preferred a desk to a kitchen, and mountains to cornfields. With a degree in Religious Studies from Kansas University, Brandon brings a wide range of perspectives to the table. With NEWMEDIA since … Continued