Meadow Hearn

Meadow is what you might call a “unicorn.” From UX/UI and front-end development to graphic design and branding, she loves turning ideas into reality. When she’s not scouring the internet for the latest design trends, Meadow enjoys all things art and music.

Brandon Tucker

Brandon is a pet-loving, food-cooking designer who appreciates the finer things in life like boxed wine and frozen pizzas. He graduated from culinary school and worked as a fine dining chef for ten years before moving into the digital media sector. If he’s not designing, you can find him hiking with his 3-legged dog, watching … Continued

Steve Morris

Steve wears many hats at NEWMEDIA, but his primary responsibility is developing new business relationships with the many clients and partners with whom we are so lucky to work. Prior to the commercial embracement of the internet in the mid-90s, Steve’s experience was offline in advertising, marketing and design, working with some of the largest … Continued

GwenAnn Castor

GwenAnn is a motivated designer who has always been fascinated with art since an early age. She has designed and coded websites in her free time since the age of thirteen and has been constantly challenging herself to push the limits of her knowledge and perfect her craft.

Annalisa Kleinschmidt

Annalisa is a curious and passionate designer with an interest in studying both analog and digital methods. She grew up with technology as a major part of her life from a young age and always sought to meld her creative and technical aspirations. Originally from northern New Mexico, she moved to Colorado in 2008 to … Continued