Evan Kiesow

Evan Kiesow is a Denver native, born and raised. After he studied digital marketing at Colorado State University, he worked at The18, a soccer digital media company based in Boulder. Feeling homesick, Evan decided he wanted to work in his hometown, which brought him to NEWMEDIA. When he is not working with the content team, … Continued

Steve Morris

Steve wears many hats at NEWMEDIA, but his primary responsibility is developing new business relationships with the many clients and partners with whom we are so lucky to work. Prior to the commercial embracement of the internet in the mid-90s, Steve’s experience was offline in advertising, marketing and design, working with some of the largest … Continued

Drake Dettmann

Drake is a results-focused marketing professional with a current and comprehensive understanding of sales strategy, content marketing, customer engagement and brand building strategies. Drake’s experience has provided him with the proven ability to drive sales, develop marketing strategies and increase brand awareness. Outside the office, Drake enjoys going on adventures (natural and urban) with his … Continued

Kelsey Ryan

Monkey Man aka Kels is Baltimore born and raised, found himself driving across the country and landed in Denver. Now here for five years. Loves camping, rafting, skiing and peaches. Oh yeah, foosball too.

David Bell

David has been a Denver resident since 2011. Before joining the team at NEWMEDIA, he spent 5+ years as an online marketing consultant with Golden, CO based HomeAdvisor. He is a dynamic sales professional with a strong interpersonal communication skill set. Outside of work, his main interests include snowboarding, biking, and playing basketball.

Chad Dionigi

Chad was born and raised right here in Colorado, and graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder, so needless to say, he loves the outdoors. Mountain biking and rock climbing are his favorite hobbies during the summer, then he can be found skiing in the winter. He is also a traveler, with 34 international … Continued

Adam Sizemore

Adam has been a Colorado resident for 15 years and recently earned a Graduate Degree in Web Design and a Master’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Denver. He has extensive marketing and sales experience working with the Denver Broncos, Colorado Crush, Denver Outlaws, University of Denver Pioneers and most recently as a Digital … Continued