Maximizing Your Return on Investment

Apps and websites and intranets are more than just a pretty public face. Similar to a physical presence, they are a means to communicate a message, attract more clients, and ultimately grow a business. Investing in a web presence can involve significant amount of capital, time, and effort. Therefore, it’s important to identify the right pain points to eliminate and defined the right goals that will deliver the maximum value to your customers and organization. At NEWMEDIA, we do this constantly, assessing each technology decision against the key success factors that will ultimately help the business.

Avoiding the Pain Points

With 18 years in the business, launching hundreds of websites, we have an extensive array of experiences to draw from, ranging from the smallest brochure site to the most complex integrations with enterprise ERPs. Yes, you could do it alone, but the pace of technology is changing so rapidly that a wildly successful approach from 2 years ago can already be outdated. At NEWMEDIA, we are constantly staying on top of the latest trends (and avoiding the common traps) so that we can continually deliver solution with long-term value.

What If You Could Hire The A-Team?

We have in house talent spanning the gamut: DevopsDesign, Javascript, Back end, Theming, UX/UISEO. And we have partners and resources in many other channels. This allows us to provide solutions for even the most complex projects. Not only do we have a diversity of talent, but we have a highly collaborative environment where members from other disciplines can assist in the consultation process, often bringing in unexpected ideas and solutions.

Problem Solving Is In Our DNA

This is not just a job for us, it’s a passion. Our team members are constantly reading up on the latest trends, experimenting with the latest tools, and sharing their knowledge with others in the company. At the end of the day, we’re problem solvers looking to provide elegant solutions to complex problems.

Let’s Create Something Great Together!

Our team is highly motivated and inventive thinkers and tinkerers — designers, developers, engineers & more.

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