The Many Advantages of Franchise SEO

While SEO is already fairly complex, the challenges increase exponentially with the size and type of the business — and that's where we come in. Our franchise SEO or multi-location SEO services increase multi-business visibility, connecting you with local audiences and ensuring that every segment of your franchise thrives.

Billions of people use the internet every day, and retail e-commerce sales are on the rise. In fact, forecasts indicate online shopping sales will surpass $6.5 trillion in 2023. Digital shoppers are an incredibly valuable resource for businesses, but poor SEO and insufficient data analysis will decrease profits and reduce brand visibility.

You may be under the impression that, if the franchisor has good SEO across the organization, that will automatically help the individual location ranking for each franchisee's store. Seems reasonable, right? In fact, it's almost the opposite. Since every location offers the same products and services, and often there may be multiple franchise locations within a relatively tight geographic area, every one of those locations is directly competing with the others for search engine rankings and traffic. Combining elements of local SEO, technical SEO and effective UX and content creation, the tactics that are effective with franchise SEO, to maximize the return while minimizing issues like intra-franchise competition and duplicate content issues, are very specific and highly specialized.

With a good franchise SEO strategy, you can more easily connect with your target audience, improve your brand positioning, and generate new leads. As franchises are inherently large and multifaceted, this type of targeted SEO helps create cohesion within your organization.

Franchise SEO also helps ensure that you're reaching audiences in the appropriate locations for each of your businesses. The importance of location-specific SEO should not be overlooked: research shows that 50% of local internet users visit a physical store within 24 hours of searching for it on their mobile device.

Benefits of Working With a Digital Agency

When you choose to work with a digital agency like NEWMEDIA for your franchise SEO, you gain access to expert data analysis, custom SEO guidance, cohesive branding guidelines, and much more. This specialized guidance is invaluable when it comes to increasing brand visibility and customer engagement. Working by your side, digital marketing agencies can track each of your businesses and continually monitor search engine algorithms, providing you with up-to-the-minute data regarding SEO best practices.


Our team of talented experts will provide you with a custom business analysis in order to create a franchise SEO strategy that will best suit your needs. From here, we offer a range of complementary services, including:

We are industry leaders, consistently ranking in the top 1% both domestically and globally, when compared to other digital agencies. Our SEO experts have an in-depth understanding of both the technical and creative sides of digital marketing, enabling us to produce consistent, reliable, and engaging results.

You take your business seriously — and so do we. We are well-versed in the many moving parts of a successful marketing campaign, and we will work closely with you to craft an innovative franchise SEO strategy that will allow your audience to connect to your franchise like never before. Contact us today to begin a conversation with our talented franchise SEO specialists.

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