Conversion rate optimization is all about creating a website that turns browsers into shoppers. If you run an e-commerce website, you understand the tragedy of cart abandonment. When you see 100 add to carts, but only 17 checkouts, is there anything more disheartening?

As the expression goes, the devil is in the details. From visual appeal to ease in finding information, one little improvement could influence a visitor to stay on the journey with you at the moment when they were compelled to click away.

Conversion Rate Optimization with NEWMEDIA

Conversion rate optimization, aka "CRO" works together with your other digital strategies, including your social media and SEO efforts. A well-rounded marketing strategy will direct people to your site, but your site has to be able to close the sale, and this is where CRO comes in.

This is how we tackle conversion rate optimization:

  • Audit: We'll examine every aspect of your website and visitor analytics to determine where you can improve;
  • Research: We'll backtrack through your sales funnel to figure out how your visitors find you and what takes them that far;
  • Build: We'll redesign your landing page as needed and ensure your website is full of valuable content, solid calls to action, and a simple check-out process. The goal is to create something friendly and intuitive;
  • Test: We'll A/B test it all, from button color to call-to-action verbiage to landing page design, and we'll carefully monitor the analytics that help us see what's working and what's not.

Even though your website and your audience is unique, we're not starting from scratch. We have over two decades of experience to call upon, which, when combined with getting to know you and your business, gives us a very strong starting point.

What Makes Us Unique

As a top-rated full-service digital marketing agency, the team at NEWMEDIA understands how all the digital marketing pieces work together. Even if you're only looking for conversion rate optimization right now, our experience in the full digital marketing spectrum influences how we'll approach your project—and if you do need other services down the road, we're ready to provide them.

We take a personal approach to every website we optimize. First, we want to know the people and the story behind your brand. We want to understand what makes you tick before we get started, and we'll work closely with you throughout the process. As we update you on what's working, we want your feedback on what you like (or don't) and any new ideas you might have.

It's a partnership, working together toward your increased ROI. This is the ironic thing that most website owners (and other agencies) don't understand: You don't necessarily need more visitors. You need the visitors you already have to click, sign up, or make a purchase. Even increasing that number by one or two percent will bring a measurable change to your bottom line, and we can help you get there.

Take a look at what we've been able to accomplish with some of our clients, then talk to us. Find out how we can do the same with you.

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