Take the NEWMEDIA Marketing Challenge

Why would you want to work with anyone but the best? NEWMEDIA continues to grow and we are incredibly lucky and honored to have recently been awarded the rank of 2017’s #1 Web Agency by Clutch, #1 Web, Marketing and Digital Agency by UpCity & #1 Web Agency by the Denver Business Journal, among others. … Continued

NEWMEDIA is Ranked the #1 Web Designer in Denver by Clutch

We understand what it takes to build a website that converts for your business using advanced UX design concepts and SEO ranking techniques. Our 20-year track record in an ever-shifting and evolving marketplace helps us recognize unforeseen business opportunities while simultaneously delivering unprecedented results. Because of that, we’ve been ranked as the #1 web designer in Denver by … Continued

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The Importance of Content Before Design

How is content defined? How does content affect the design of a website? If you’ve ever been involved in a website design project, you’ve probably asked these questions. Industry best practice recommends having content prior to completing the design and development stages of a website. To better understand why this is so important, it’s worth … Continued

Facebook continues to attack Snapchat by ripping off their core features but does it even matter?

Social Media Wars: Facebook vs Snapchat

Facebook continues to attack Snapchat by ripping off their core features but does it even matter? While this is a highly touted battle of David versus Goliath proportions, you could make an argument that it really isn’t even a fight. With Facebook and Google accounting for roughly 99% of digital ad revenue growth in 2016, … Continued

Which comes first: The brand or the logo?

Which comes first: The brand or the logo?

A brand is not a logo, although a logo helps brand a company. What’s the difference between these two marketing tools that help position a company in the marketplace? Some of the branding questions I’ve received as a web designer at NEWMEDIA have led me to believe there’s confusion for some folks around “brand” and … Continued

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Drupal vs. WordPress: The battle for CMS supremacy

As a website design and development agency that regularly uses two of the most prominent, open-source Content Management Systems (CMS)—WordPress and Drupal—we too have internal battles about which jobs we’ll use each of these excellent tools. To provide some clarity about the powerful platforms WordPress and Drupal, we thought it best to put our two … Continued

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Drupal Field Collections: Repeat with Style and Class

Content comes in many shapes, forms and sizes. However, there are some common content patterns that we web designers and developers use quite often. One of these patterns is the combination of image, title, text and link to create a card-style teaser—often used, often created, often duplicated—and for good reason. Let’s take a look at … Continued

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Role of Imagery in Web Design – Trends that are Here to Stay

The beauty of the internet is that since its development in the late 80s and early 90s, it is constantly evolving and new ideas are being brought to the table almost daily. Since the introduction of images to the internet in 1993, powerful imagery has been the longest lasting trend in web design. As of … Continued

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Live Wires: HTML Wireframes vs. Image Wireframes

Recently at NEWMEDIA, we have been experimenting with using live wires, HTML, and CSS pages to build wireframes. These are very different from image wireframes, and thus far, has been a change well worth making. : A Little Background on Wireframes Traditionally, the NEWMEDIA team has completed wireframes with the following process; Some sketching by … Continued