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User Testing with Userlytics and the American Water Works Association

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) approached NEWMEDIA with a specific goal in mind – make it easier for users to find content on their site. As their annual conference was weeks away, NEWMEDIA quickly developed a prototype to test user navigation and information preferences. Userlytics, our user testing partner, made it easy for the … Continued

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Drupal Field Collections: Repeat with Style and Class

Content comes in many shapes, forms and sizes. However, there are some common content patterns that we web designers and developers use quite often. One of these patterns is the combination of image, title, text and link to create a card-style teaser—often used, often created, often duplicated—and for good reason. Let’s take a look at … Continued

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Which Came First: The Wireframe or the Content?

As most Project Managers can attest, guiding clients through the process of drafting and compiling fascinating content is a challenge. Most clients believe content is the last part of the project – after all, doesn’t there need to be a website or wireframes built to insert the content? The short answer is yes. The input … Continued

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Five Ways to Class Up Your Website

Web evolution can result in dated design. Updated optimization will increase engagement, clicks, purchases, or other types of actions. Achieving a new, fresh site, with updated optimization can result in measurable business benefits. Stretch It Out Dated sites are in love with the boxed layout. Using your full real estate is the best practice when … Continued

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9 Tips For WordPress Junkies Transferring to Drupal

How to achieve the same goals with both Drupal and WordPress: 9 Tips for Former WordPress Junkies Although there have been many blog posts making comparisons between Drupal and WordPress, the two most popular open-source content management systems, there is seldom mention of a comparison of the tools we as clients, developers, designers, business analysts, … Continued

Rems in Chrome: A Small Problem

Rems (Relative ems) are an awesome way of sizing text without using pixels. But there is an issue with rendering them in Chrome, which makes text wonky as can be. Luckily, there is a small workaround. If you are like us, you are using rems to define all your font size and falling back on … Continued

Logo Size: Please stop.

A logo for a company is important, but it is not your site! A lot of people feel that their logo is the most important part of their site. And there is a point to this, it is that their logo is the only thing that represents their brand at this point. However, it is … Continued

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Beautiful Fonts for the Web

You may not know it, but something amazing has happened over the past few years in regards to the web and typography. I know that fonts may not be the most interesting topic to talk about, but for a type geek like me, it’s very exciting. You need to know that you have choices these … Continued

SASS Partials and The Problems Surrounding Them

When doing front end work on a project that you are new to, there is often the question of what theme is being used and back in the old day, how is the CSS set up. Now with SASS we are in a whole new world of organization and structure that can tend to be … Continued