Value your Investment while Hiring SEO Services

Value Your Investment while Hiring SEO Services

As you have developed the website and make it ready for the market platform to showcase your products and services for sale but left the online marketing may diminish your presence in the online arena. To increase the web presence and search engine visibility of your website you need the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy … Continued

Improve Your SEO for Events by Adding Rich Snippets

Improve Your SEO for Events by Adding Rich Snippets

When google indexes a website, it does its best job to try and interpret and categorize the type of data it finds so that it can serve accurate and relevant results to everyone using its search engine. However, you can greatly enhance google’s accuracy by providing it additional data about your data (i.e. metadata, which … Continued

Improve Your SEO By Linking Your Content to Your Google+ Profile

Anyone trying to establish a online presence is always trying to improve their search engine rankings against the dozens, hundreds, or thousands of other websites competing for attention in that same niche. While there are many different ways of doing this (see our previous articles on SEO), one of the easiest ways to improve the quality of … Continued

Holland & Hart launches new Drupal site for Persuasion Strategies

Persuasion Strategies – In 1990 they became the first litigation consulting team serving in-house within a law firm to support trial attorneys and their clients. Their success quickly grew and they expanded our practice to attorneys and organizations outside of Holland & Hart LLP. Now their team services attorneys within the largest, most prestigious law … Continued

Latent Semantic Indexing, or LSI – what’s it all mean?

There’s a term in SEO called Latent Semantic Indexing, abbreviated “LSI,” that essentially means that the software engineers are trying to program the algorithms to understand the message a web page conveys based on different variations of language used, as opposed to on repetition of specific keywords. Hmm, that wasn’t as clear as I hoped. … Continued