Image of NEWMEDIA employees on a hiking trail

Details matter in business and in trail work

We were happy to jump in when a non-profit educational group reached out to NEWMEDIA asking for our help. Shore up some badly eroded biking trails? Sure thing! A majority of our team lives an active, healthy lifestyle with several members game to thrash any mountain trail ride. Besides, who can say no to a … Continued

Image of denver rescue mission homepage

Our work with Denver Rescue Mission made great strides to help change lives

Last September we started working with Denver Rescue Mission to launch the first phase of their website redesign project, and the results have been tremendous. The exciting news? DRM has received more than $1 million in donations since launching its new website in November! DRM attributes this online fundraising success to how we designed the … Continued

Web Components? Are They Forrealz?

At Drupalcon, one of John Albin’s session was a discussion about the possibility of using W3C Web Components as a templating engine. The session was the first time that I had heard about Web Components and it lead me to look into the complexities that Drupal and Web Components offer. What are web components This … Continued

Partial to Partials: BoF Recap

At DrupalCon, I held a session about the organization of partials. @johnalbin and @sungug were kind enough to make an appearance and impart some of their wisdom with the Drupal Community of how they do partials. In this article I will discuss their methods, as well as mine, for doing partial layouts in the Drupal … Continued

Drupal CMI: How Drupal 8’s Configuration API Can Work for Development Teams

Drupal 8 opens the door for clean, readable, version-controlled configuration in Drupal development. But how can we leverage this system effectively in development teams? Configuration Management in Drupal 7, Our Process Our collaborative Drupal 7 development process typically starts with a site built by a team, entirely defined in code. We don’t do databases until … Continued

2014 DevOps Report and DrupalCon

This week: 2014 DevOps Report and DrupalCon This week I have been attending DrupalCon. This is my first DrupalCon and I am impressed by the inclusiveness of the Drupal community and the prospect of the release of Drupal 8. I have been enjoying interacting with many of the people that I have meet. Since my … Continued

Phoenix Children’s Hospital opts for Drupal over Convio

Phoenix Children’s Hospital has provided hope, healing and the best healthcare for children and families since 1983. Today, Phoenix Children’s is the third largest children’s hospital in the country and provides pediatric specialty and sub-specialty inpatient, outpatient, trauma, emergency and urgent care to children and families in Arizona and throughout the Southwest. With an enormous 10,000 page website, originally … Continued

Denver DrupalCon 2012

NEWMEDIA is proud to be the official, and only, Day Stage Sponsor of Drupalcon Denver 2012. Come see us at Booth 300, or attend our presentation on Wednesday, March 21st at 1pm. It’s amazing, actually. It’s been held in the past few years in Antwerp, Barcelona, Paris and London, and in the U.S. in Chicago, … Continued

CBS Television featuring NEWMEDIA

When our good friends at CBS chose NEWMEDIA to build them a Drupal business directory website for their Haystack TV show, who were we to turn them down? When they asked us if we wanted to be interviewed and featured on the TV show itself, we said “why the heck not?” When they offered to … Continued