2014 DevOps Report and DrupalCon

This week: 2014 DevOps Report and DrupalCon This week I have been attending DrupalCon. This is my first DrupalCon and I am impressed by the inclusiveness of the Drupal community and the prospect of the release of Drupal 8. I have been enjoying interacting with many of the people that I have meet. Since my … Continued

DrupalCon Austin: My First Con!

DrupalCon Austin: My First Con!

My first impression is extremely positive. There is something for everybody and, as always, I am blown away by the amazing collaboration and support within the Drupal community. Becoming a Drupalista is still proving to be a high point in my career. This is why… I arrived in Austin on Sunday and was immediately impressed. … Continued

Deploying a Drupal Site from a Chef Role

Deploying a Drupal Site from a Chef Role

With a properly setup Chef repository and server, managing Drupal application deployments becomes a simple exercise of managing the subset of metadata within the combinations Chef role files that are specific to each deployment. Prerequisites This article will focus solely on the mechanics of how to deploy a Drupal site by creating and updating a … Continued

Creating a Google Map Link in Views Using an Address Field

There are times when you don’t want to embed a map on your site and you simply want to link an address off to Google maps. Here’s how to do it using address field. Address field module doesn’t currently have a views formatter to display an address as a link to Google Maps. You could … Continued

Acquia Certified Developer… Check

I took the Acquia Certified Developer test this morning and … PASSED! “Earning Acquia Certifications will gain you visibility and credibility for your experience and expertise and help your organization establish a leadership position within the Drupal community and with Acquia products.” (Acquia Learning Services) Overall, I thought it was a very fair test. The … Continued

First Few Weeks at NEWMEDIA

My first few weeks at NEWMEDIA have certainly been exciting! I have been enjoying meeting and collaborating with my new colleagues and getting settled in. The team is very talented and after working here for a few weeks it is no surprise to me that the Denver Business Journal awarded NEWMEDIA as one of the … Continued

DBUG Meetup: Drupal 8 Module Development

DBUG Meetup: Drupal 8 Module Development

On Wednesday, May 14, I will be presenting on Drupal 8 module development at Applied Trust in Boulder. This meetup will focus on Drupal 8 module development. We will begin by discussing some of the new things in Drupal 8, such as OOP and symphony. We will then move into breaking down the elements of … Continued

Sharing a Local Vagrant VM With Other Devices

In Drupal-lamp we usually have a private virtual machine when in development. Under this scenario you can only access the site from the host machine where you spun up. However, there are situations where you would want the vm to be available to other devices on your network. (e.g., testing a site on a mobile … Continued

Drupal Settings Per Environment

We have a need at NEWMEDIA for certain Drupal settings and configurations to be present in production, in staging, and while on a development machine. I will be outlining the problem and a solution we use here at NEWMEDIA. Problem We develop and release sites at NEWMEDIA in phased releases. During each iteration new functionality … Continued

Denver's Top Software Developers 2014

Denver’s Top Software Developers 2014

NEWMEDIA has been honored with a recognition by Denver Business Journal in its selection of “Top Denver-Area Software Developers.” April 29, 2014– Announcing a special recognition appearing in the March, 2014 issue of Denver Business Journal, New Media Solutions was selected for the following honor: “Top Denver-Area Software Developers.” This is quite an honor for … Continued