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How to Prevent SQL Injections in Drupal

Drupal is an incredibly powerful open source CMS that allows you to create, manage, and serve content. Unfortunately, so can others if you don’t properly sanitize all user input in order to prevent a malicious attack! Here are some tips on how to stop one of the most common vulnerabilities: SQL injections. Motivation: Why CMS … Continued

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Coming Soon to a Hacked Drupal Site Near You: Stolen Credit Card Data

Six weeks ago, the Drupal Security Team disclosed one of the most critical vulnerabilities in the history of the project. Today we’re still seeing usage statistics that indicate tens of (if not hundreds of) thousands of Drupal sites are still at risk. Given that approximately 10% of all reported Drupal installations have an eCommerce component … Continued

Drush Make: Evaluating the Benefits and Pain Points of Each Approach

Drush Make: Evaluating the Benefits and Pain Points of Each Approach

Drush make is a popular solution for Drupal developers wishing to represent an entire application codebase in a single make file (or collection of make files), but does it always make sense to use? And is it a one size fits all solution? This article reviews several advantages and disadvantages of the more common approaches … Continued

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Drupal SA-CORE-2014-005

Drupal Security threats and how we respond at NEWMEDIA! Here at NEWMEDIA! we are constantly learning and improving. Over the course of the past year we have been refining our continuous integration and hosting platforms as they relate to Drupal. A significant threat, and subsequent fix has been identifeid in all versions of Drupal 7 … Continued

NEWMEDIA’s Site Development Process (SDP)

At NEWMEDIA we have spent a great deal of time perfecting our site development process. Through many trials and errors we have converged on a SDP that works for us. When working in a team or in an environment where your code and systems are going to be used by people other than yourself, it … Continued

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DrupalCamp Colorado 2014: Large Scale Drupal

With less than a week until the camp, here is a preview of what to expect from our team! Everyone here at NEWMEDIA is extremely enthusiastic about this year’s DrupalCamp Colorado, which will be held on August 1st-3rd in Denver. This year’s theme for the camp is “Large Scale Drupal” where the focus is on how … Continued

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Avoiding the “API Integration Blues” on a Drupal Project

As Drupal continues to mature as a platform and gain adoption in the enterprise space, integration with one or more 3rd party systems is becoming common for medium to large scale projects. Unfortunately, it can be easy to underestimate the time and effort required to make these integrations work seamlessly. Here are lessons we’ve learned… … Continued

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How We Achieved 513% ROI with a Drupal Site Audit

You’ve invested heavily in a Drupal website. But are you losing money every day through missed opportunities and increased costs? Here’s how we’ve helped clients – from start-ups to nonprofits to big brand names – increase their website ROI 513% starting with an inexpensive but in-depth Drupal audit. You researched thoroughly, and decided that Drupal … Continued

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Drupal PCI Compliance White Paper: Version 1.1 Released!

Version 3.0 of the PCI compliance standard becomes mandatory on January 1st, 2015 and will be a complete game changer for most Drupal eCommerce sites.Are you ready to meet the challenge? For those wanting to dive right in, simply click this link to download the white paper. Matt Kleve was spot on in his DrupalCon … Continued

DrupalCamp Colorado: My "Crossing the Rubicon" Moment

DrupalCamp Colorado: My “Crossing the Rubicon” Moment

Contributing to and interacting with the Drupal community isn’t as scary or as daunting as you might think. My advice—take the plunge by attending a local meetup or camp and be open to the many opportunities that will start presenting themselves. It worked for me! Here’s my story… Looking back at my Drupal career, I … Continued