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Chrome Search Engines

If you use Google Chrome for your web browser, then Chrome search engines can be helpful to get you to specific pages within sites that you use frequently. The way it works is you add a keyword for a site as a search engine; then you can just type that keyword into the omnibox (URL … Continued

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Using the Haversine Formula in Drupal 7

The Haversine formula is one of the easiest to use pieces of complicated math I’ve had the pleasure to use. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s pretty simple in theory – it’s an extension of the Pythagorean formula from a grid to the surface of a sphere, which basically means that you can use … Continued

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PCI Compliance & Drupal Commerce: Which Payment Gateway Should I Choose?

When version 3.0 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) became mandatory in 2015, many eCommerce merchants were ill prepared to meet the more stringent security requirements with the existing modules available for Ubercart and Drupal Commerce. Thankfully, several of the more popular payment processors on the market rose to the challenge and … Continued

Building Robust Forms with Drupal 8

Build robust forms in Drupal 8

Over the last few Drupal releases, the Webform module has been the standard for creating robust forms and surveys. While this venerable module has served the community’s needs quite well, major releases of Drupal often afford the opportunity to take a fresh look at how common problems are solved, leveraging new technologies and concepts introduced … Continued

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DrupalCon Supports Women in Tech

The Drupal Community allows developers and users to join forces to share and grow their Drupal skills during a three-times-a-year, weeklong conference. Fortunately, DrupalCon also is growing the presence of women at these meetups—not only as attendees but as leaders. DrupalCon New Orleans will do what every DrupalCon does: showcase improvements to the Drupal platform … Continued

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Drupal Field Collections: Repeat with Style and Class

Content comes in many shapes, forms and sizes. However, there are some common content patterns that we web designers and developers use quite often. One of these patterns is the combination of image, title, text and link to create a card-style teaser—often used, often created, often duplicated—and for good reason. Let’s take a look at … Continued

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Protecting Your Investment with Routine Maintenance

Similar to routine oil changes and other maintenance services for your car, ongoing security patches and software updates are necessary to ensure your website stays protected and performant. In the sections below, we review the many factors that will help you determine the right plan and maintenance frequency to meet your website’s needs. When is … Continued

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Website Hosting, Maintenance & Upgrades With NEWMEDIA

When buying a home, there are several hidden costs that need to be considered beyond the purchase price. There is the cost of protecting it from loss or damage (insurance). There is the cost of replacing things that wear down and/or break (maintenance). And there is the cost of making overall improvements (upgrades). The same … Continued

You should build with Drupal 8 Internet of Things

You Should be Building in Drupal 8 Now

Drupal 8 has been in beta since October 2014. With the critical issue count down to the home stretch, and updates now required for schema changes, if you’ve been sitting on a Drupal 8 project, you should start building now. Before you kick off, however, you should plan for these early projects to go a … Continued