Test Driven Development with RSpec and Chef

Test Driven Development with RSpec and Chef

Test driven development (TDD) ensures that you’ve properly defined your code’s goals, that your code has achieved these goals, and that future changes to the code will not break existing functionality. Now that we have addressed the fundamental concepts of using Chef data and cookbooks, it’s useful to step through a specific example using the … Continued

Setting up to develop with Chef Data and Cookbooks.

Setting Up to Develop with Chef Data and Cookbooks

Think of the chef repo as your snowflake, or the data that makes your organization unique. One of the hardest challenges, at this stage, is keeping the unique pieces of your data contained in such a way that it supports the principles we touched on at the beginning of this series. When you work with … Continued

Sharing a Local Vagrant VM With Other Devices

In Drupal-lamp we usually have a private virtual machine when in development. Under this scenario you can only access the site from the host machine where you spun up. However, there are situations where you would want the vm to be available to other devices on your network. (e.g., testing a site on a mobile … Continued

Drupal Settings Per Environment

We have a need at NEWMEDIA for certain Drupal settings and configurations to be present in production, in staging, and while on a development machine. I will be outlining the problem and a solution we use here at NEWMEDIA. Problem We develop and release sites at NEWMEDIA in phased releases. During each iteration new functionality … Continued

Getting Started with Chef Cookbooks

Getting Started with Chef Cookbooks

A challenge faced by users of Open Source lies in understanding how to properly evaluate and use a given piece of code. Let’s walk through evaluating and getting set up to work with an opscode chef cookbook in the context of our ideal system. These examples will focus on our nmdbase cookbook from a development … Continued

Drupal DevOps Meetup Moved

On Thursday, September 19 NEWMEDIA will be hosting a meetup at our offices in Downtown Denver. This meetup will be focused on DevOps. We will begin by focusing on the individual and address specific solutions that can be used by a single person doing Drupal development.  We will then branch out and discuss specific workflows, … Continued