Walter White’s Blue Stuff: The Purity of Your Site

QA is the purity of your site. Just like Gale Boetticher could only achieve 96% purity of the meth, your ability to knock out the QA and wrap up your product only makes you a better website cook. Back Story: Breaking Bad is a series on AMC that deals with an ex-teacher turned meth chemist. … Continued

Rems in Chrome: A Small Problem

Rems (Relative ems) are an awesome way of sizing text without using pixels. But there is an issue with rendering them in Chrome, which makes text wonky as can be. Luckily, there is a small workaround. If you are like us, you are using rems to define all your font size and falling back on … Continued

Logo Size: Please stop.

A logo for a company is important, but it is not your site! A lot of people feel that their logo is the most important part of their site. And there is a point to this, it is that their logo is the only thing that represents their brand at this point. However, it is … Continued

No Man is an Island

At NEWMEDIA, we pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate and work as a team. It is this mentality that has gotten us to where we are today and will lead us into the future as a successful company. During Drupalcon, the keynote on the first day talked about having a rock star on the … Continued

Drush Make: Don’t Store What is Stored

In the devops community the standard process is to allow other repos store what is theirs, and let your repo store what is yours. To do this we use scaffolders, builders, bundlers, package managers, etc. Drupal is not an exception, it is an example. Drush is the tool we use for Drupal and it allows … Continued

Web Components? Are They Forrealz?

At Drupalcon, one of John Albin’s session was a discussion about the possibility of using W3C Web Components as a templating engine. The session was the first time that I had heard about Web Components and it lead me to look into the complexities that Drupal and Web Components offer. What are web components This … Continued

Partial to Partials: BoF Recap

At DrupalCon, I held a session about the organization of partials. @johnalbin and @sungug were kind enough to make an appearance and impart some of their wisdom with the Drupal Community of how they do partials. In this article I will discuss their methods, as well as mine, for doing partial layouts in the Drupal … Continued

Twig: Extending Drupal Templates

This is the first part of a series on Twig and how to use it in Drupal 8. This blog will discuss how to extend templates using blocks and complicated overrides One of the sessions I enjoyed the most was Twig: Friendly Curl Braces Invade Your Templates by KNP Labs Ryan Weaver. He discussed a … Continued