Better Living Through DevOps

A series of articles that cover how NEWMEDIA utilizes best practices to better secure and improve operational infrastructure. The DevOps movement is about enabling better collaboration between development and operational IT staff by automating operational processes. Done correctly, the implementation of DevOps methodologies enables increased productivity, allowing us to spend less time on the dreary … Continued

2014 DevOps Report and DrupalCon

This week: 2014 DevOps Report and DrupalCon This week I have been attending DrupalCon. This is my first DrupalCon and I am impressed by the inclusiveness of the Drupal community and the prospect of the release of Drupal 8. I have been enjoying interacting with many of the people that I have meet. Since my … Continued

First Few Weeks at NEWMEDIA

My first few weeks at NEWMEDIA have certainly been exciting! I have been enjoying meeting and collaborating with my new colleagues and getting settled in. The team is very talented and after working here for a few weeks it is no surprise to me that the Denver Business Journal awarded NEWMEDIA as one of the … Continued

Building Base Boxes with Packer

Packer is a powerful tool that enables the creation of identical multi-platform virtual machine images from a definition file. In this article we will discuss how to create base virtual machines for testing and deployment with nmdpacker. One of the bigger challenges we face when working with team based infrastructure management is how to provide … Continued